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Moorland Collection

This collection of work has been inspired by Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.  I live close by and enjoy family walks, climbing the many Tors and discovering their history and heritage.  I am particulary drawn to the large granite boulders and natural outcrop of stones that are found on the Moor.  It is their asymmetrical forms and toppling shapes that catch my eye and the way the stones precariously balance upon one another.

Their sheer size and weight fascinate me together with their crevices and fractures that have been created over many thousand of years. 

I have taken Bodmin Moor as my reference point and created a delicate and intriguing collection of individual work.   This jewellery incorporates my interests in enamel and lockets. As a child I have always loved anything that has a secret compartment, that holds or contains something that no-one else knows about.  Behind many of the enamel pieces in this collection holds a tiny door, opening to reveal a golden secret space to put tiny notes in or something small and precious like a lock of hair or small memento - a cavity only the wearer knows about.


Within my Moorland Collection I have named each piece after a Tor or outcrop of stones that actually exists on Bodmin Moor.   

Minions, Bodmin Moor
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