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New Designers show 2017



I make jewellery that has a delicate precious quality.  It invites the viewer to look closer, there may be a small door to open, a cavity to explore or a detail to ponder. To me the interaction of jewellery is important; the revealing of something secret and hidden will always provoke curiosity and wonder. 

My jewellery stems from personal interests in my life like walking, running and exploring the Cornish landscape around me.   My lifelong attraction to architecture, art and jewellery of the Medieval period is often present throughout my ideas and designs, manifesting itself as an invisible thread throughout my work.  It is important to me that my designs hold a narrative, one that can be open to interpretation by the wearer and again by the viewer.   Ideas often begin from images or drawings taken at source.  These are progressed through a series of sketches and sometimes the construction of 3D models.  Once happy with the design I reproduce this work in precious metal.


I have undertaken many commissions following my customers guidelines and requests, whilst allowing my style to echo through the work. If you are interested in having a piece commissioned or would like to make an enquiry about this please contact me.

I have always been drawn to the applied arts and decoration.  I initially studied theatre design and started my creative career as a Scenic Artist designing sets, painting scenery and making props.  I swapped my six-inch paintbrush to tiny tweezers and magnifying glasses and embarked on an Honours Degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery at Truro College, of which I gained a First.  I graduated in 2017 and since enjoy making work that intrigues and delights. 

I am an Associate Member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers and a member of the Guild of Enamellers.  I have been supported by the Graduate Start-Up programme delivered by Cultivator Cornwall.

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In September 2019 I was invited to take part in Home Truths, a showcase for graduate participants of the Cultivator business support programme.  The Home Truths Exhibition showed paintings, ceramics, glass and jewellery in the traditional home setting of the Byre Gallery.  I am featured in this short video, click on the link to watch...

In July 2019 I was featured in Varoshe Gallerys monthly blog.  I answered questions about how I came into jewellery, my interests and my ambitions.  Click on the image below to read the blog...


Cultivator Home Truths Exhibition at The Byre Gallery

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